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Windows 1.11

What makes Stranger Things so lovable? The geeks saving the world as the unlikely heroes!


With Microsoft technology, every day people became the heroes, going on an adventure hacking into Windows 1.11, 80's software that has been taken over by the upside-down.

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CHALLENGE: How can the fandom for Stranger Things be digitally leveraged into brand love for Microsoft?

RESULT: After extensively dissecting what it is about Stranger Things that resonates with fans, I led my team in identifying that Microsoft should tap into the show's 80's nostalgia, and its empowerment of the geeks as the unexpected heroes. I conducted the brainstorms that conceptualized and designed the user journey that challenges the audience to save the world using Windows.


Fans were blasted back to 1985 when season 3 takes place, and the year the first Windows was released. Microsoft mysteriously released a retro Windows 1.11 program infected by the upside down, sending audiences on a digital journey to unlock secrets from the new season,  play retro mini games, uncover easter eggs, and hack into secret organizations.


The Windows 1.11 game was downloaded by 67k people, and played 95,000 times over 1.1 million minutes. The campaign won 2 Experience Design and Technology Awards: Gold in Best Combination of Event Technologies, and Silver in Best Use of Social Media. 

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