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Target Touchdown - 

Superbowl LVII

When Target found out that this year’s Superbowl was taking place in their HQ city of Minneapolis, they wanted to go big. We went sky high - fans had their touchdown dances converted in real time into an aurora-borealis themed piece of art, which was displayed on an iconic Minneapolis skyscraper for the entire city to see.

The playful Superbowl activation had fans run through an obstacle course to reach the end zone, where they’d bust out their touchdown dance while seeing it converted into silhouette video art.

The interactive experience utilized computer vision technology that converted solo dancers, groups of friends, and even props into motion art, which was then displayed onto an enormous 700,000 LED screen the width of an entire city block.

The Target Bullseye Lodge campaign won 1st place for the 2018 Ex Awards by Event Marketer

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