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About Hika

I am a Senior Creative Strategist, conceptualizing digital and innovation campaigns for brands, governments, and NGOs. Before working in agencies, I started my Marketing career on the brand side, growing non-profits and startups.


deeply enjoy bringing the best out of my team, and actively mentor outside of work, giving talks to POC youth in the advertising industry.

I grew up in New York City, raised by immigrant parents working in the media industry. Activism has long been a part of my life, particularly for racial justice, nuclear disarmament, gender equality, LGBTQ+ rights, climate justice, and supporting refugees. It is my mission to use my strategy skills to help further a more equitable world.

Clients and Awards

Hika's projects have won a total of 16 awards, 5 winning 1st place

          3x   Clio Awards

          5x   Experience Design and Technology Awards

          3x   EX Awards presented by Event Marketer

          1x   Festival of Media 2019 Global Awards

          4x   Pro Awards, presented by Chief Marketer


Featured Projects

#Experiential #Multisensory #Immersive #Entertainment #Interactive #CauseMarketing #Tour

CLIENT: The Wilderness Society x DoSomething Strategic

CHALLENGE: Inspire people to protect the Arctic Refuge, a place that few people are ever able to visit

RESULT: Immersed audiences to experience the beauty of the Arctic Refuge, without actually being there. With carefully placed mirrors replicating the vastness of the land,  lush permafrost under audience's feet, and breezes filled with the scent of peat, audiences created their own unique memories of the land currently at risk. I led a team of strategists, technologists, and designers to research the most compelling aspects of the Arctic Refuge,  and conceptualize the experience that appealed specifically to Gen-Z. The experience toured from NYC, DC, to SF, and sold out on all dates, immersing 9000 visitors.

On the spot, 3800 voicemails were recorded to major stakeholders, and 1400 commitments to take action were made.
Arctic Refuge - Step in, Step Up

#Experiential #Interactive #CauseMarketing #Tour


CHALLENGE: Our unconscious mind makes the majority of our decisions, and creates unconscious biases that narrows our vision of others and influences our behaviors. How can we educate young people on these blind spots, and join the diversity and inclusion conversation authentically and memorably ?

RESULT: Applying knowledge of cultural trends particularly in the experiential space, I led the conceptualization of a series of immersive and interactive elements in the mobile tour, designed to expose the nuances of unconscious bias. A crowd favorite is Face to Face: The viewer's reflection in a mirror is transformed, to instead reflect a person of a different demographic, who then shares their personal story. The eyes of the new person in the reflection always appears at eye level. Audiences felt the sensation of seeing themselves in the storyteller, and would listen to the minority tell their story while looking each other in the eyes.

The activation embarked on a nation wide tour hitting over 100 cities over 18 months, before suspension due to COVID-19. 

Check Your Blind Spots Mobile Tour

#SocialStrategy #UXDesign #Activism

Spread Action Together

PROJECT: Personal project - Social campaign for racial justice optimized for sharing.

CHALLENGE: While many people care about racial equality, how do we inspire them to turn those desires into concrete actions? During a global pandemic, how can we empower people to  encourage their friends to fight together for racial justice?


RESULT: With a few friends, we created an easily accessible source of actions to help fight for racial justice, optimized for the digital generation. 

Spread Action Together is an Instagram account, with a carefully designed UX that provides context and a CTA without the user having to click on anything. With a visually captivating and recognizable design, each post is designed to look great when shared onto stories, and provides further context and a CTA in its carousel.

The CTA was to take the recommended action for racial justice, share the post onto story, and tag friends to ignite a wildfire of action. 

Through user interviews and A/B testing, we continued to optimize our copy and UX until our data showed significant success.

Fully organically, our most successful post received 42,000 likes, 52,000 shares, and took a petition to make lynching a federal crime from 1k signatures to 330,000 signatures.

Check it out

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