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About Hika  (she/her)

I am a Japanese American, born and raised in New York City. Channelling my affinities in music, fine art, technology and culture, I found my calling in creative and interactive marketing. 


Currently a Senior Creative Strategist for innovation agency Brandwidth, my projects have been awarded 3 Clio Awards, 2 Ex Awards from Event Marketer, and 2 Experience Design and Technology Awards. 


After spending four years in theatrical stage and lighting design, and then producing interactive art installations for global non-profit 1Future, I have long loved creating beautiful and memorable experiences for people.

Ever since obtaining my BA in Marketing and in Communications from McGill University, I have been fascinated with the psychology of branding. Working in the New York startup scene gave me a keen pulse on emerging technology (particularly in mixed reality, AI, and computer vision). My life long affinity for art, music, and fashion led me to many events in New York, London and Tokyo that drove me to realize that I thrive in experiential and lifestyle marketing. As an experiential marketer, I utilize my cultural fluency, artistic eye, marketing strengths, and technological passion to create impactful brand activations. 

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