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Hika's projects have won a total of 16 awards, 5 winning 1st place

          3x   Clio Awards

          5x   Experience Design and Technology Awards

          3x   EX Awards presented by Event Marketer

          1x   Festival of Media 2019 Global Awards

          4x   Pro Awards, presented by Chief Marketer

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Featured Campaigns

Windows 1.11

BRANDS: Microsoft x Netflix

CHALLENGE: How can the fandom for Stranger Things be digitally leveraged into brand love for Microsoft?

RESULT: Fans were blasted to the past to 1985, the year the first Windows was released, and the year that Stranger Things season 3 takes place. The mysterious Windows 1.11 program is infected by the upside down,  where audiences went on a digital journey to unlock secrets from the new season,  play retro mini games, uncover easter eggs, and hack into secret organizations.


The Windows 1.11 game was downloaded by 67k people, and played 95,000 times over 1.1 million minutes

Windows 1.11
Arctic Refuge
Arctic Refuge - Step in, Step Up

BRAND: The Wilderness Society

CHALLENGE: Inspire people to protect the Arctic Refuge, a place that few people are ever able to visit

RESULT: Immersed audiences to experience the beauty of the Arctic Refuge, without actually being there. With carefully placed mirrors replicating the vastness of the land,  lush permafrost under audience's feet, and breezes filled with the scent of peat, audiences created their own unique memories of the land currently at risk. The experience toured from NYC, DC, to SF, and sold out on all dates, immersing 9000 visitors.

On the spot, 3800 voicemails were recorded to major stakeholders, and 1400 commitments to take action were made. 

Energy AR


CHALLENGE: How can we digitally engage audiences to learn about energy sources and consumption, in their own home?

RESULT: Utilizing insights that interactivity and personalization promote better learning and higher engagement, we designed a solution using cutting edge technology. We prototyped an app that anyone can download anywhere, that uses custom-built artificial intelligence to recognize common household objects. As soon as the AI recognizes a user's personal object, it displays data visualizations, and uses Augmented Reality to showcase the energy that is otherwise invisible to the naked eye

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