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About Hika

Art and technology driven Senior Strategist crafting next generation digital and experiential marketing campaigns. From conceptualizing 7-figure immersive experiences, to creating viral social content with zero ad spend, my skills are rooted in developing relationships with audiences in ways that intrigue and entertain.

I also love to DJ and am weak for Filipino food.

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Featured Campaigns

Windows 1.11 - Microsoft & Netflix

To digitally leverage the fandom for Stranger Things into brand love for Microsoft, fans were blasted to the past to 1985, the year that both the first Windows was released, and the year that Stranger Things season 3 takes place. Microsoft social channels mysteriously promoted vintage 1980's Windows ads, but this time for Windows 1.11. The retro software was made available for all to download, which quickly reveals to have been infected by the 'upside down'. Audiences were went on a digital journey to unlock secrets from the new season, play retro mini games, uncover easter eggs, and hack into secret organizations.

The Windows 1.11 game was downloaded by 67k people, and played 95,000 times over 1.1 million minutes





Best Combination of

Event Technologies

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Event Marketer’s Experience

Design and Technology


Arctic Refuge, Step In, Step Up - The Wilderness Society

How do you get audiences to protect a place they will never visit? We transported 9000 people in NY, SF, and DC to the Arctic Refuge, immersing them in the beauty of the land without actually being there.


With carefully placed mirrors replicating the vastness of the land, lush permafrost under audience's feet, and breezes filled with the scent of peat, audiences created their own personal memories of the land currently at risk. 

All tour dates sold out, 3800 voicemails to legislators recorded on the spot, and 1400 commitments to take action. A lot of photos were taken too!




Experiential Design &


DSF’s 2020 Apex Awards


(Gold, Silver, Bronze



Spread Action Together - Social campaign for racial justice

Marketers have super powers! We can change audience's emotions, attitudes, and actions. During the civil rights movement of 2020, I decided to use these skills for good. 

Elegantly simple, a visually captivating Instagram account immediately shows audiences the context of an issue, and a shareable action they can easily take. Audiences took action, shared to their story, and tagged their friends to make change together.  

Fully organically, our most successful post received 42,000 likes, 52,000 shares, and took a petition from 1k signatures to 330,000 signatures.

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Featured Creative Direction Piece

Atypical Asian Fantasy

No school girl outfits here! 

Challenging a typical notion of Asian girls (light skinned and eastern, obedient and highly sexualized), I brought to life my whimsical interpretation of Asian beauty.

Casting a Bangladeshi model and scavenging Chinese fruit and vegetable props, I creative directed Atypical Asian Girl Fantasy.

More artwork by Hika


Contact Info

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Hika Nishimae

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